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Kris Fisk is an International Award Winning, NCEA Certified Master Esthetician, Paramedical Skin Revision Therapist, Certified Acne Specialist, and Certified Collagen Rejuvenation Therapist who believes most skin conditions start from disharmony within and treating the cause not just the symptom is the only way to truly correct skin conditions. Kris focuses on customized skin revision treatments for each individual's skin condition.

A big believer in continuing education, Kris stays informed of all the latest advances in skin care continually updating her education and skills with proven academic professionals, and doctors who really understand the nature of the skin’s barrier and how to regenerate, replenish and support it for the best results. Kris believes each client is individual and customizes holistic based treatments that are results driven. No Fluff! Results only!

In November of 2017 she was featured in Day Spa Magazine, and in June of 2019, Kris won 2nd place in the international skin competition The Skin Games in Compromised Skin. In December of 2019 Kris opened her second Paramedical Skin Revision Clinic in Moses Lake, WA

Healthy skin is beautiful skin and healthy, optimally functioning skin is the main focus at Kris' Skincare Studio. Clinical skin care with a relaxed atmosphere, no fluff here folks. let Kris treat you and your skin to a wonderful experience.

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